La Brecha Tequila

La Brecha Tequila is made of 100% blue agave, grown in a traditional method that enriches the land.

To produce our artisanal tequila, we focus on the highest care and quality in every aspect of production. Because we pay close attention to our plants, we are able to select the ripest agaves. We use a double distillation process that removes impurities but retains the agave's full flavor (this flavor diminishes in a triple distillation process). Our tequila is aged in old oak whiskey barrel, which impart an essence of vanilla naturally, without additives. The result is an exceptionally smooth, full-bodied tequila with a hint of caramel and delicate aromas of cherry, pear and banana.


When Luis and Carlos embarked on their dream of making the best tequila, they began by searching for the healthiest blue agave tequilana weber seeds or "hijuelos." Their search help further their education about growing agave and making tequila - they visited many farms and distillation plans, and spoke with several tequila masters. Finally they found in planted their seeds, giving each plant more space to grow than most commercial agave farmers.


Since Luis and Carlos chose to grow their agave sustainably, without chemicals, they must be vigilant in eliminating weeds and pests. All weeding and pruning done manually, and they use an organic fertilizer and their own compost to enrich the soil. By manually tending the agave plants, the farmers notice the smallest changes and are able to stay ahead pests and disease. For 10 years they nurtured their plants, waiting for them to reach maturity. At this stage the agave's sugars are the most desirable and the final selection begins. Only the fullest ripest hearts are used in the distillation of the tequila to ensure maximum quality. The result is La Brecha: 100% natural, 100% blue agave, with exquisite flavor and complex aromas.