La Brecha Tequila

La Brecha: The Story


The Beginning of La Brecha

It all started on one of the many trips Luis and Carlos took to visit their cousins in Tuxcueca, a small village in the Mexican state of Jalisco, with brightly painted adobe houses. Sitting around a campfire, the brothers reminisced about summers spent with their uncles, working on the farm. Under a dark blue sky filled with stars, they wondered how they might pay tribute to the land and to the people they loved.


A Dream Took Shape

To grow the best blue agaves in Jalisco, on their own land, and to produce the best tequila in the world using traditional methods. They wanted it to be authentic, like the people of Tuxcueca, and to give back to the community by providing jobs and protecting the land. This meant growing their agave sustainably, without the use of chemicals, nurturing and enriching the soil to  produce healthy plants. 

Salud! Cheers to Col. Ramon Corona, who grew up in our town and fought for the freedom of all Mexico

The Breakthrough

Luis and Carlos saw their agave as a passageway between cultures and generations, and so they chose "La Brecha" (The Breakthrough) as the name for their tequila. Carlos, a professional artist, began sketching the agave farm with a pathway that would lead to their breakthrough. This became the label for the La Brecha bottle.